Battletorn Evil Chains

New York City’s Battletorn have delivered a fucking ferocious debut of feverish intensity and face-pounding power. 18 shit-storming tracks in 14 punk rock minutes, Evil Chains often recalls Slayer’s heyday but ups the thrash-punk factor for a non-stop night’s ride through the baddest, most bear-soaked, run-down part of town you’ve ever seen. Armed with only Omid’s guitar, William’s drums and Beverly’s vocals (no last names here!), Battletorn still have enough hardcore weaponry to safely escort listeners through impossibly dangerous grounds without any fear of getting mugged. Sure, there’s a bit of style over substance happening here, but as Battletorn state in their press release, they’re a band with no political stance, no agendas or affiliations, just a band on a mission to thrash or die. Who the fuck can argue with that? (Troubleman)