Battles Reveal Gloss Drop Album Art

Battles Reveal <i>Gloss Drop</i> Album Art
As you may have noticed by now, we've been keeping a close eye on the recent activities of rhythmic experimentalists Battles. Late last month, the band, now whittled down to a lean trio, announced their new album, Gloss Drop, not to mention a handful of tour dates. A few weeks later, they unveiled the gleefully disjointed pop prog number "Ice Cream," and now we have some album artwork that looks inspired by said song. Seriously though, it's kind of gross.

The neon glop that graces Gloss Drop's cover, which you can see above, may have the sugary sweet consistency of your favourite iced treat, but this stuff also looks super-nasty and membrane-y, as if they just hucked a psychedelic package of ground beef on the counter. Gaze at it if you dare, just try to hold back your breakfast.

As previously reported, Gloss Drop comes out June 7 on Warp. You can download "Ice Cream" below.

Ice Cream (Featuring Matias Aguayo) by BATTLES