Battle Over Old Vs. New Metallica Gets Cauldron Front-Man Evicted

Battle Over Old Vs. New Metallica Gets Cauldron Front-Man Evicted
Jason Decay, vocalist and bassist of Toronto, ON-based metal band Cauldron, recently got evicted from his apartment for the most metal of reasons.

As the press release explains, Decay had a neighbour who often cranked Metallica's S&M album in the middle of the night. Decay was tolerant of this but reached his breaking point recently and went down to dude's apartment one night with a copy of Metallica's debut, Kill 'Em All, in hand.

Perhaps it's best if we just hand it over to Decay: "[The neighbor] was doing his regular 2 a.m. monday morning Metallica S&M ritual when I had enough and went down to confront him about it with a copy of Kill 'Em All, explaining that if he's got to crank Metallica at 2 a.m., they have more than that symphony shit. Well, he took my presentation of Kill 'Em All as an insult and it resulted in a heated argument that ended with him running back into his place and slamming the door. I then smashed his door with a hockey stick. I just received a written notice from the landlord saying I have to be out by the end of the month. Fine with me!"

After getting the eviction notice, Decay was forced to live in the band's jam room. He said that it's not too bad an abode "but I still wish it had a shower. Besides, the place is usually well heated anyway. Lots of losers have lived there before me."

And, like many musicians, Decay has had his fair share of good times in said jam room, as he too openly admitted. "I've banged chicks and passed out many times on that floor!" he said.

However, despite the good "chick-banging" memories, Decay has since moved from the jam space to a friend's house.

In actual Cauldron news, the band released their debut album, Chained to the Nite, awesome cover art and all, through Earache Records in April of this year, and they will be heading to the UK to support fellow old-school worshippers Wolf in October.

Jason, if you're reading, you did the right thing.