The Bats Flying Over New Album To North America

The Bats Flying Over New Album To North America
When we got word in December that the Bats were releasing a new album, we were understandably pumped. After all, this is the Bats we're talking about, the legendary kiwi rockers who for over two decades have stood as true masters of the indie pop jangle. Well, that record, dubbed The Guilty Office, came out in the band's native New Zealand late last year and lucky for us, it's now coming to North America.

Via Hidden Agenda, this Exclaim!-approved Bats effort is set to go domestic in April and will mark the band's first new album since 2005's At the National Grid. Pre-orders of the record have already begun over here and like we said in our recent review of The Guilty Office, the Bats really do sound as great as ever on this one.

Along with the full-length, the band also have a new seven-inch heading our way called Don't You Rise, which collects four tracks from 1998 to 2003 and will be released by the once again thriving Slumberland Records. According to the label, that release has been delayed, but it is still expected to come out sometime this spring.

Here are the tracks on The Guilty Office:

1. "Countersign"
2. "Crimson Enemy"
3. "Broken Path"
4. "Like Water in Your Hands"
5. "CastleLights"
6. "TwoLines"
7. "Satellites"
8 "Later on That Day"
9. "Steppin Out"
10 "The I Specialist"
11. "The Guilty Office"
12. "The Orchard"