Bat for Lashes and TOY Team Up for New Band Sexwitch

Bat for Lashes and TOY Team Up for New Band Sexwitch
Bat for Lashes' game of hangman is complete and the details of the mystery have been unveiled, as the singer-songwriter known as Natasha Khan has launched a new band called Sexwitch.

Khan had been rolling out a letter per day for the last eight days, eventually revealing the word "Sexwitch." This project, which also features members of the British psych-rock band TOY, made their live debut today (August 22) at the Green Man Festival in Wales.

It seems that Sexwitch is heavier and more intense than the tuneful electronic pop that Khan has made as Bat for Lashes. A report from Pitchfork called it "The most violent and exhilarating music Khan has ever been part of. The band pushed desert drones into raging storms, in tones drawn from twentieth century Afghan, Persian, Moroccan, and Thai music."

The set included "The Bride," a song by Iranian musician Amir Rassaei that Khan and TOY recorded back in 2013. It's unclear what Sexwitch's plans are, but Khan tagged producer Dan Carey in her social media post about the band, so it seems possible that recordings are in the works.

A short clip of Sexwitch's music can be heard in the Instagram post below. "The Bride" is also below.