Bat for Lashes 'The Haunted Man' (album sampler)

Bat for Lashes'The Haunted Man' (album sampler)
Later this month, British pop songstress Bat for Lashes (aka Natasha Khan) will issue The Haunted Man, her first album in three years. Now, we can listen to six tracks from the record in their entirety.

The songs "A Wall," "Oh Yeah" and "Winter Fields" had yet to surface before this sampler, while "Laura," "All Your Gold" and "Marilyn" were already wearing out many of our ear buds.

When put together, however, these six tracks suggest a fantastic complete work when The Haunted Man finally drops. The release is due out on October 22 via Capitol in North American and October 15 in the UK via Parlophone.

Check out the six-song sampler below.