Bat for Lashes "All Your Gold" (Hercules and Love Affair remix)

Bat for Lashes 'All Your Gold' (Hercules and Love Affair remix)
Bat for Lashes' recently released track "All Your Gold" boasts a subtle, relatively restrained arrangement, but the same cannot be said for the new remix by New York dancefloor fiends Hercules and Love Affair.

This reworking removes the track's slow-building dynamics and turns it into a relentless, near-six-minute disco jam. It features a steadily thumping beat and some '80s-esque, MIDI-sounding piano plunks. While the instrumental arrangement is a major departure from the original, Khan's breathy, dramatic vocals are preserved. If you were curious about what it would sound like if Bat for Lashes made a full-blown dance record, this should give you a pretty good idea.

You can stream the remix below courtesy of Rolling Stone.

"All Your Gold," in its original form, appears on the upcoming The Haunted Man, due out in North America on October 23 via Capitol.