Basement Jaxx to Release Album with Metropole Orkest

Basement Jaxx to Release Album with Metropole Orkest
Party-starting electro duo Basement Jaxx have had no shortage of interesting projects of late, having just completed the score for British sci-fi flick Attack the Block. Now, the group have followed that up by collaborating with orchestra Metropole Orkest for a new album.

According to Pitchfork, the album is called Basement Jaxx Vs. Metropole Orkest and sees the duo performing in collaboration with the Dutch orchestra, which is comprised of 60 musicians and a 20-person vocal choir. The album compiles recordings from a live collaboration that the two groups did in February of this year alongside some studio recordings.

Basement Jaxx Vs. Metropole Orkest will arrive on July 11 via the band's own Atlantic Jaxx imprint. Three songs from the album can be streamed below.

Basement Jaxx Vs. Metropole Orkest:

1. "Battlement Jaxx"
2. "Red Alert"
3. "Raindrops"
4. "Mozart's Tea Party"
5. "Bingo Bango"
6. "Hush Boy"
7. "Where's Your Head At"
8. "Good Luck"
9. "Drill Loops"
10. "Lights Go Down"
11. "Violin Solo"
12. "If I Ever Recover"
13. "Hey U"
14. "Do Your Thing"
15. "Samba Magic"
16. "Lights Go Down" (instrumental) *
17. "Do Your Thing" (instrumental) *
18. "If I Ever Recover" (instrumental) *

* iTunes bonus

Basement Jaxx Vs Metropole Orkest by Atlantic Jaxx Recordings