Barry "Frazier Mohawk" Friedman Dies at 70

Barry 'Frazier Mohawk' Friedman Dies at 70
Even if you don't know Frazier Mohawk (née Barry Friedman) by name, chances are you've come across some of his work as a producer, entrepreneur and one of the minds behind Schomberg, ON's Puck's Farm. Sadly, he died earlier this month, on June 2, after succumbing to a liver illness. He was 70 years old.

Born in Los Angeles, Mohawk worked at a circus as a teenager and subsequently became a photographer. His time in the music industry began in the early '60s, when he helped DJ Bob Eubanks with publicity for the Beatles during their 1964 tour of America.

Friedman was instrumental in helping to form the groups Buffalo Springfield, Rhinoceros and the Monkees, and went on to become a record producer, working with the likes of Paul Butterfield, the Holy Modal Rounders and Nico, whose 1969 album The Marble Index he produced with John Cale. He married singer Essra Mohawk and produced her music, but the couple later split.

Mohawk eventually grew disenchanted with the music business and moved to Toronto. Impressively, he went on to form his own travelling circus, Puck's Circus, which lasted for several years. He then opened Puck's Farm in Schomberg, ON, which has offered everything from a petting zoo to food and clothes.

Eventually, Mohawk found his way back to music, opening his own studio at the farm. Read more about his eclectic career over at the Puck's Farm website.

A memorial will be held in Toronto for Friedman on Saturday (June 16), and you can get more information about the event here.

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