Barre Phillips / Joelle Leandre / William Parker / Tetsu Saitoh After You Gone

You know that after a death of someone who has left a mark on the music world, there is bound to be a slew of tributes and aural remembrances. Such is the case with bassist Peter Kowald. After last year’s earthshaking Between Heaven and Earth, comes this record. It’s true — over the years, Peter Kowald has had a close connection to the FIMAV, and these four bass players, fittingly enough, paid their dues and showcased their respect to Peter at the FIMAV last May. The record has a quiet but self-assured quality to it. The swishing plucking of the basses, the airy bowing, it all adds up to a recording that never wimps out. There’s not a dull moment, as you’re guessing what direction the quartet of bassists will attack next. Especially pleasing are the sections when Joelle Leandre vocalises along with her plucking. I applaud the nerve of this all-bass quartet to come together, to see this tribute through. You won’t see too many all bass groups around, which is why After You Gone is that much more unique. The only regret that’s left as the CD comes to an end is not attending last year’s FIMAV, when this concert took place. (Les Disques Victo)