Barons and Lengthy Get Out Goddamn City

As this short EP begins and ends, it is the band’s ability to make catchy guitar riffs that grabs your attention. As Barons and Lengthy strut through each song, Get Out Goddamn City is like a fidgety lifeline, bouncing up and down in motion as the fast-paced guitar solos, which radiate a sense of urgency, are combusted with the shuddering, raspy vocals that accompany the four songs. In its entirety, the EP is a set of kind of similar-sounding songs but it’s a fun fusion of danceable music, a quality that’s always good when listening to pop rock. The four chic boys behind the tunes are obviously fans of good old rock’n’roll and it seems like they are honing a sound that the young kids could swing to while out gallivanting at night.