Baroness Live at the Maida Vale

BaronessLive at the Maida Vale
A bold move from a band that are never anything but, this live, limited-edition EP, featuring songs exclusively from their most recent disc, Yellow and Green, doesn't even attempt to please those unhappy with their explorations into their unique post-metal realm. And why should Baroness? Check out the first two tunes: "Take My Bones Away" and "March to the Sea," which are both memorable and evocative, concise yet open. They are great songs that carry a ton of forward momentum without being the least bit metallic; hearing them here, with a more ragged, crashing production, is a treat. These numbers are a perfect representation of Baroness's bag these days, the band taking the lazy Southern metal and Mastodon-ian ties they've long toyed with and making them something else — something relaxed, rocking and meaningful. While their last album was way too lengthy as a double-disc, here, as a four-song EP, it's perfect. The crashing production and imperfections contrast nicely with the concise rock, creating a dangerous sound not often heard within the realm of such structured music. (Relapse)