Baron Samedi Esq Ecstatic Soul Quintet: Live, No Overdubs

As the title suggests, this debut release from these Vancouver dancehall commissionaires captures the real off-the-floor jazz/punk deal in all its kinetic glory. The BSESQ routine relies heavily on the dynamic rhythm section of former Capozzi Park four-stringer Steve Balogh and drummer Mark Neufeld, along with percussionist Rod Navarro, providing the funky framework for the busy duo of baritone sax man Shane Krause and organ assassin Chris Storrow. It's just as well the combo doesn't have a guitarist, since there'd be no room for one in the mix, which typically hovers somewhere between full sonic meal deal and all-out din. As impressive as this effort is, the details of the production suggest it's more of a snapshot than an enduring document of BSESQ. The whole thing was reportedly recorded at some restaurant over the course of just three hours and mixed in fewer than eight. One suspects that with a little more time and a proper studio, the BSESQ crew could busy even more bodies and blow a few minds in the process. (Independent)