Barn Owl's Evan Caminiti Drops Solo LP 'Dreamless Sleep'

Barn Owl's Evan Caminiti Drops Solo LP 'Dreamless Sleep'
While the last few years have seen Evan Caminiti deliver hazy guitar-based soundscapes as part of Barn Owl, the San Francisco musician will go it alone on his next release, a solo LP called Dreamless Sleep.

The seven-song set arrives through Thrill Jockey August 21, and according to a press release, the effort "creates a lush and misty atmosphere with this collection of hazy, half-remembered sound portraits heard through a veil of static and hiss."

Caminiti initially recorded the collection of guitar and synth sounds onto a 4-track in the spring of 2011. He envisioned the project differently after returning from a lengthy tour this past winter, however, and ended up re-tweaking the collection.

"The first version of the album -- a kind of rough draft -- was completed in San Francisco during spring of 2011 before leaving on an extended tour that found me travelling without a home base for a period of 10 months," he said in a statement. "Upon returning to San Francisco and settling again in the winter of 2012, I approached the material in a completely different way, changed by a year of travel and new challenges. It was deconstructed and reformed into a different album than what it had once been, echoing some of the themes I wanted the songs to reflect initially -- the way our memory changes events in the past and how our surroundings define us."

Samples have yet to be delivered, but highlights are said to include the electronic effects-laden "Leaving the Island," and the "fractured fuzz guitar broadcasts" of "Symmetry."

Dreamless Sleep:

1. Leaving the Island
2. Bright Midnight
3. Symmetry
4. Fading Dawn

5. Absteigend

6. Veiled Prayers

7. Becoming Pure Light