Barbara Morgenstern Sweet Silence

Barbara MorgensternSweet Silence
The sixth album from Berlin-based techno-popette Barbara Morgenstern is chock full of minimalist arrangements, strong, textured bass lines and sparkling synths. It's an album that's at different turns lush, angular and liquid. While infinitely listenable, after some time it feels a bit constrained ―her slavish dedication to the three-minute pop form poses a barrier to the exploration of what could be some interesting sonic ideas, if only given a little more time to develop. It's the first album on which she's sung entirely in English and while it's surely a challenge to effectively translate one's inner monologue, the treacly, "dear diary" lyrical results are better kept in a box under the bed, where all too earnest school days poetry should be kept. While not as artful as one would like, it's a strong effort and a step in the right direction. Or as her label states: "the next step in her musical journey." I just hope that the next phase is long enough to grow some roots and flourish as it should. (Monika)