Baptists Drummer Nick Yacyshyn Sheds Light on New Sumac Project with Aaron Turner

Baptists Drummer Nick Yacyshyn Sheds Light on New Sumac Project with Aaron Turner
While Baptists drummer Nick Yacyshyn and the rest of the Vancouver crust crew just released their relentless and raging sophomore set Bloodmines, the percussionist has also prepped a pair of LPs outside of his full-time duties to be delivered sometime in 2015.

As previously reported, the animalistic drum kit assaulter has teamed up with Isis/Old Man Gloom member Aaron Turner as Sumac, with a six-song debut titled The Deal to be delivered this February via Profound Lore/SIGE Records.

According to Yacyshyn, the project began after Bloodmines producer Kurt Ballou offered to set up a meeting between him and Turner. With Yacyshyn already a fan of Turner's work, he quickly agreed to a jam in Vancouver, which led to the drummer heading to Turner's home in Vachon, WA, to fully conceptualize The Deal.

"It's a pretty dense, heavy experience and kind of out there, I'd say," Yacyshyn tells Exclaim! of Sumac's sound, adding of the unit's eclectic approach. "I've never been in a band that sounds like this. There's a lot of cool things going on that I wouldn't associate with other heavy music that I listen to — we didn't necessarily take other rock'n'roll bands as influences."

Turner had previously issued a statement describing Sumac as a "fully functional band" that may or may not include Russian Circles/Botch bassist Brian Cook, who performed on the album after Yacyshyn laid down the beats.

"We'll see what that means as it develops," Yacyshyn says of the group's plans, which will apparently bring Sumac out of the studio and onto concert stages. "I've never met Brian before. I'd love to meet him and have a jam, just the three of us. I'm game for whatever Aaron has planned. "

Also coming up for Yacyshyn is an album he tracked with Detroit hardcore band the Armed, a situation likewise brokered by Ballou after the outfit's drummer Tony Wolski was injured in a car accident.

"He hit a deer and broke his hand; his hand is all nuts and his thumb is all fucked," Yacyshyn explains, adding he signed on as a fill-in since the Armed had already booked studio time at Ballou's GodCity facility in Salem, MA.

Though details for the as-yet-untitled effort have yet to be fully revealed, Yacyshyn reports he tracked 16 songs in the studio with bassist Kenny Szymanski this past August after familiarizing himself with the material as presented on a series of demos and bonding with the rest of the group ahead of the sessions.

"I hadn't heard the band or met them, but they rented a big colonial house in Salem and I stayed there with those guys," he says, noting that he discovered both he and guitarist Chris Elkjar share the same hometown of Langley, BC. "It's really cool; I'm pretty excited to get to play on that thing."

While samples from the Armed's next album have yet to arrive in full — vocals and mixing have yet to be completed — you can check out a trailer presenting Yacyshyn's otherworld skills down below.

As for Baptists, their Bloodmines is out now through Southern Lord.