Banner Pilot Announce 'Souvenir' LP

Banner Pilot Announce 'Souvenir' LP
Minneapolis pop-punk crew Banner Pilot apparently had a fourth full-length recorded and ready to be released some time ago before the outfit realized it kind of sucked. Opting to scrap those sessions, the band put their noses to the punk rock grindstone to create a proper successor to 2011's Heart Beats Pacific, which resulted in their forthcoming LP Souvenir.

The record arrives April 15 via Fat Wreck Chords, and a press release notes that the album showcases the act's "Midwestern pop sensibilities," as well as influences like Jawbreaker, Superchunk and the Replacements. Like Heart Beats Pacific and 2009's Collapser, the full-length was recorded at Minneapolis studio the Terrarium with producer Jacques Wait (Prince, Off With Their Heads).

While the final product has met Banner Pilot's approval, bassist Nate Gangelhoff explained that the album's initial batch of songs weren't adding anything new to the band's catalogue.

"One thing that jumps out at me is how bad the first songs we wrote for it were," he said in a statement. "They sounded like us, I guess, but more like a half-hearted cover version of us. The same chords and melodies you'd expect, but missing…. something."

After sitting with the songs for a bit, the punks decided to blow up the sessions and rebuild the album from scratch. Apparently, axing the tracks inspired the act to put more effort into the final 12-song cycle, logging long hours at practice or on their own to make a better album.

"We could have just shrugged and rolled with them, I guess, but I'm glad we were a little stubborn and kept plugging away, looking for something better," he confirmed. "We scrapped what we had, hunkered down over the rest of the winter, spending many hours at our practice space, or in front of our respective computers, tinkering around with new ideas. We didn't overthink anything; we just tried idea after idea after idea until something would stick. And the tunes did start to get better."

While samples have yet to arrive, Gangelhoff promises that the new tunes don't "sound like complete horse crap." You can see Souvenir's tracklisting down below, and its cover art up above.


1. Modern Shakes
2. Effigy
3. Dead Tracks
4. Heat Rash
5. Fireproof
6. Letterbox
7. Shoreline
8. Hold Fast
9. Holfax
10. Springless
11. Matchstick
12. Summer Ash