Bankrupt Razor Wires and Neon Lights

BankruptRazor Wires and Neon Lights
There seems to be a '77 resurgence coming from European punk bands as of late and Bankrupt are riding that wave. The Hungarian trio's sound is an amalgamation of gritty garage rock meets pop-laden punk, in the same vein as the Briefs and the Adverts. Opening track "Wave of Bankruptcy" is perfect commentary on the prolonged economic struggle of post-communist Europe. "No Surrender" is straight-ahead power punk, complete with anticipated breakdowns and pop hooks, but it still manages to stay ballsy enough to bob along to. On one of the most energetic and aggressive tracks, "Lonesome Trains," the band showcase their humanitarian side by remarking on a December, 2008 railway strike that left thousands of families unable to join their loved ones at Christmas time. Topping out at six tracks, Razor Wires and Neon Lights finishes as quickly as it begins, but in its entirety the disc is a decent throwback to the sophomoric days of punk rock, keeping it loud, snotty and vigorous. (Piarr)