Banjo or Freakout 'XA2011'

Banjo or Freakout 'XA2011'
Just like last year, British producer Alessia Natalizia has dropped a free Christmas album with his project Banjo or Freakout. And much like XA2010 and XA2009, this year's instalment -- unsurprisingly titled XA2011 -- contains some wonderfully off-kilter electro versions of a number of Christmas favourites.

There are nine songs in total, which include seasonal favourites like "Wonderful Christmas Time" (by Paul McCartney), "Carol of the Bells," "I Saw Three Ships" and more. Natalizia wrote this message to accompany the album on Bandcamp:

In typical banjo tradition here's my xmas album for the year.

It features 9 songs that you might have heard before or not and it comes a little later because I wasn't really going to do a xmas album this year but then since I was sick at home for the last week I decided to have a go at it.

Being ill I wasn't really able to sing but then it's not that I am that great of a singer anyway. (In 'Winter wonderland' you can really hear my voice breaking and dying but I thought that was quite funny to hear!)

This year's album is quite different from the previous ones... some of these songs are way less popular than the ones I've covered before and in general this one is a bit more 'crazy' but I think it goes quite well with the other two...

I had fun doing it. I hope you'll enjoy it!

The first 1,000 downloads were free, but evidently it's already been downloaded more than that, since the release is now ₤2 ($3.22). Listen below.