Bang! Bang! Electric Sex

Bang! Bang! singer Gretta Fine wants to take you out and get you drunk on cheap wine, but would you expect anything less from a self-proclaimed "sex rock” band out of Chicago? The vocalist/bassist of this trio rips out sex kitten growls and purrs throughout this contagious brand of dirty new wave pop. And when Fine and vocalist/guitarist Jack Flash take over the mic together, the chemistry is unbelievable and the energy on this EP reaches ecstatic heights. And while Fine and Flash are losing control, drummer Mike Wednesday keeps things tight and fast, showing that this band aren’t just another gimmick — there’s true talent and passion going on behind all the debauchery. Recalling Seattle’s dance punk phenoms the Fitness and stirring in the appeal of the Rezillos, along with a high powered, immediately gratifying brand of shakes, twists, and sultry thrusts, Bang! Bang! are one of those bands who only need one listen to get into. Each track is loaded with flippant hooks and lurid invitations to stick around for more. (Morphius)