Bang! Bang! Decked Out

This long-awaited full-length from Chicago sex rock trio Bang! Bang! encompasses everything that the band showcased in their previous two EPs, while showing off a new level of maturity and complexity that Bang! Bang! have grown into since their debut. Vocalists Gretta Fine and Jack Flash fill out boisterous tracks like "Days Are #’d” and "Falling, Falling” with the same sneering, addictive hooks that the band have become known for. The band chart into a more artful territory with the sensuous, pouty frustration of "Creep Walking,” and later delve into spiralling, brooding sounds with "Peeper,” a song that captures a new level of poignant complexity for the band. Still riding on growling kicks and danceable frenzies, Bang! Bang! maintain their heated, revamped new wave, kitsch-and-glitter explosions with tracks like "(I Heard You Singing) On the Radio” and "Get Up!” With the new addition of Nick Kraska on drums, and Rachel Shindelman’s appearance on "Creep Walking” — both of the phenomenal New Black — it’s no question that everything on this album just keeps getting better with every listen. (Morphius)