Bane / The Geeks Café L’Inconditionel, Montreal QC March 1

The Geeks brought an intensely positive energy to the room. Taking the time in between songs to apologise for their imperfect English (which was actually quite good), they kept things fast, loud and sweaty. The South Korean hardcore unit recently had all of their gear and van stolen, but still managed to play full of energy and good spirits. With a slap-in-the-face Minor Threat cover, the Geeks were crowd pleasers and really gave all of themselves into the performance. Ambitions were unable to make it to the show, but their absence didn’t seem to faze anyone as the majority of the audience was there for Bane. This show was a must-see for fans that have waited too long to see Bane in an intimate setting, bringing out a crowd of both new and familiar faces to the scene. The event was the only Canadian stop on the tour, and the tiny, well-loved L’Inco seemed like the perfect place to host the show. The veteran straight-edge crew demonstrated that they are still on top of their game, performing with an earnestness and fury that is lacking in newer bands in the genre. The anthemic hardcore had the room moving non-stop, and singer Aaron Bedard’s positive messages really rallied the crowd. Down to the final chords that closed the set on "Swan Song,” Bane had everyone chanting along, happy for their return.