Bands Can Crash at Sour Patch Kids' Brooklyn House in Exchange for Content

Bands Can Crash at Sour Patch Kids' Brooklyn House in Exchange for Content
A cross-promotion between Sour Patch Kids and "indie bands" could yield sweet results from Deer Tick, Tame Impala and any other act willing to cough up some kind of content in exchange for lodging at the mouth-puckering candy brand's "Brooklyn Patch" in New York.

As AdAge reports [via Gawker], the advertising agencies backing Sour Patch Kids have set up a home in the Clinton Hill area of Brooklyn where bands can hole up when they pass through New York.

While staying at the four bedroom home, the groups are expected to contribute content that will later be shared through Sour Patch Kids' Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. What arrives will be negotiated between the bands and the brand, and doesn't necessarily mean new music is on the way from any artists involved in the project.

"This is not about us creating a Sour Patch Kids record," Mondelez marketing director Farrah Bezner said.

So far, it's been revealed that Deer Tick will be spending a week at the house between Christmas and New Year's, and it's being hinted that they'll deliver a series of videos. Australian psych-rock outfit Tame Impala have also booked time in the Patch, as well as Rhode Island synth-pop unit Magic Man. You can see more of the acts who have already stayed there over here.

While bands that only stay for a day may only be asked to whip up some posts for social media, bands that intend to stay longer will have camera crews and engineers at their disposal.

A second home is also expected to be launched at next year's SXSW event in Austin.

UPDATE: Tame Impala's management have issued a statement noting that the group will not be staying at the Brooklyn Patch. It reads, "Nothing against the Sour Patch Kids, we hear they're delicious. We're just not staying at their home."