Band of Skulls Baby Darling Doll Face Honey

Every new band dream about getting the kind of break Band of Skulls were given. They had one of their songs selected as the iTunes Single of the Week, translating into hundreds of thousands of free downloads worldwide and the kind of exposure that can establish an act. The UK trio have already built quite a bit of momentum even before their debut album was released. Baby Darling Doll Face Honey isn't the most subtle album, starting with the Woodstock-era blues of "Light of the Morning," maintaining that momentum for the first half of the album. It's very reminiscent of the White Stripes, with the grimy blues guitar, and the vocal harmonies that the Kills do so well, but they stray a little from what could have been a perfectly acceptable and appealing formula. The problem is that when they do turn it down a notch, or keep the songs going past the four-minute mark, they aren't as interesting. As long as they keep the Zeppelin-esque guitars and watch the clock, they'll do just fine. (PHI)