Band of Horses' Ryan Monroe Announces Solo Debut

Band of Horses' Ryan Monroe Announces Solo Debut
Over the past few years, when he hasn't been recording and touring as a member of Band of Horses, multi-instrumentalist Ryan Monroe has been working on solo material. On May 22, he will release his long-in-the-works debut LP, A Painting of a Painting on Fire.

The album reportedly began with more than 100 separate songs and ideas, and this was eventually pared down to an economical 11 tracks. The full-length was recorded at Silverlake, CA's Redstar Recording with producer Chris Testa (Paul Simon, the Dixie Chicks, Jimmy Eat World). Monroe played every instrument during the sessions.

A press release describes the album as "pop-oriented progressive rock" that covers a range of styles. Monroe said in a statement, "I've had multiple parts for different instruments brewing in my head for quite some time, and because the studio had so many toys, I started messing with vibes and strange synths to get them out. To just walk over to any instrument and start kind of painting the track with it was extremely fun and therapeutic. There were over 120 different instrument tracks on some of the tunes."

You'll hear that lush, elaborate sound on the McCartney-esque piano pop tune "Any Way, Shape or Deformity," which you can stream and/or download below.

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