Balance and Composure "Afterparty" / "Spinning" / "Is It So Much to Adore?" on No Future

Balance and Composure 'Afterparty' / 'Spinning' / 'Is It So Much to Adore?' on No Future
With last year's Light We Made, Balance and Composure tried something new by taking the gruff grit out of their vocals and adding swirling electronics, so when they came through Toronto in support of that album, we decided to do the same. We ran a contest to allow some lucky fans to attend the live filming of a stripped-down set for Exclaim! TV's No Future YouTube channel, which are usually closed-door affairs.

The fortunate few joined our team in the garage at Kops Records to watch some unique takes on some unique tunes. Opening with "Afterparty," the band opted for no percussion, allowing Jon Simmons's vocals to really take the forefront, with an electrified, yet calming, dual-guitar and bass backdrop.

The other two songs, "Spinning" and "Is It So Much to Adore?," kicked off with drummer Bailey Van Ellis swapping his throne for a seat on the floor and his kit for a drum machine, adding a bit more pep to the stripped-down compositions.

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