"Baker Street" Saxophonist Raphael Ravenscroft Dies at 60

"Baker Street" Saxophonist Raphael Ravenscroft Dies at 60
Back in 2011, "Baker Street" songwriter Gerry Rafferty sadly passed away. Now Raphael Ravenscroft, the saxophonist who played that hit's iconic hook, has also died. He was 60.

The sax player died on Sunday (October 19) of a suspected heart attack. Ravenscroft had previously suffered a stroke, and Western Morning News reports that he is believed to have died in hospital.

Ravenscroft was raised in Dumfries, Scotland, and later lived in Exeter, England. He found success in 1978 with the release of "Baker Street." The legend goes that he was only paid £27 for his contribution to the song, and the cheque bounced.

Still, even if Ravenscroft didn't receive much in the way of payment for "Baker Street," it helped to establish his career. He also contributed to Pink Floyd, Daft Punk, Marvin Gaye, Robert Plant, Duffy, ABBA, Mike Oldfield, America and more over the years.

He additionally released some solo music and published the 1990 instructional book The Complete Saxophone Player.

Ravenscroft is survived by his daughter Scarlett, who said [via BBC], "He is an absolutely incredible man. You could tell from the way he played that he put his heart and soul into his music. He touched your soul and made you want to better yourself. I think he was very proud of 'Baker Street' and that it made people feel good. I'm sure a lot of people will put on 'Baker Street' and smile today."