Badminton Racquet/Baby Labour "You Boys & Your Quilts" / "Coke Party" (7-inch stream)

Badminton Racquet/Baby Labour "You Boys & Your Quilts" / "Coke Party" (7-inch stream)
Two weirdo Guelph duos have come together for a new 7-inch. Badminton Racquet and Baby Labour are playing some shows together next month, and they're marking the outing with a new split 7-inch single.

Both bands are guitar/drums duos, and judging by these two songs, both have an interest in twitchy instrumental math rock. Badminton Racquet's "You Boys & Your Quilts" is the jauntier of the pair, as its exploratory structure includes crunchy chords and twiddly riffs up the fretboard. Baby Labour's "Coke Party," on the other hand, is more jarring and dissonant in its intricate shifts and jumble-y rhythmic complexity.

Scroll past their tour schedule below to check out the tracks. Not all of the gigs are together, so be sure to take note of who is playing each show.

Tour dates:

10/03 Guelph, ON - Silence *^~
10/04 Windsor, ON - Coach & Horses (FAM Fest) ^#@
10/05 London, ON - House Show *^%
10/11 Ottawa, ON - Mugshots *^$
10/19 Toronto, ON - Cinecycle ^+
10/23 Guelph, ON - Jimmy Jazz ^#

* Badminton Racquet
^ Baby Labour
~ with the Flu
# with Bardos
@ with Johnny Red Eyes
% with No Hands
$ with New Fries
+ with Fat as Fuck, Krill, Junior Bob, Shoelace