Back Off Cupids Back Off Cupids

Over the years, Rocket From the Crypt front man John Reis has been involved in all sorts of projects ranging from the early post-punk of Pitchfork to the dissonant noise of Drive Like Jehu to the hip-swinging rock'n'roll garage-punk styling of Hot Snakes. But Back Off Cupids is his first truly solo effort. Recorded in 1994, but not given a thorough mix down until last year, this ten-track disc is a mostly instrumental affair, the only two exceptions being "Painted Half a Picture" and "A Strong Maybe." The rest of the tracks are angular and meandering lo-fi pop noodling featuring Reis on all instruments except drums (provided by fellow Rocket man Jason Crane). Given his commitments to all these projects, it's a wonder where Reis finds the time to come up with so much good and interesting music. Better not to ask and simply enjoy. (Drunken Fish)