Babyshambles / Various Back to the Bus

Do we really care about what Pete Doherty has on playing on his stereo? Well, I guess no more or less than any other artist, but give some credit to this brown-toothed, heroin-addicted, overrated songwriter because he’s assembled a nice assortment of songs with his instalment of DMC’s Back to the Bus series. Staples from the likes of Johnny Thunders ("Chinese Rocks”), the Creation ("Making Time”) and Saint Etienne ("Only Love Can Break Your Heart”) provide some familiarity amongst the more unexpected works by the likes of Bert Jansch, Esther Phillips and Graham Collier. Doherty’s also done a nice job of throwing a few newer bands into the mix, like the fiery Noisettes, the angular pop of the Cazals, and the romantic Littl’ans, who feature Doherty on their impressive single "Their Way.” Unfortunately, the advertised "exclusive Babyshambles track” is hardly anything to get excited about — unless hearing an underproduced (read: sloppy) acoustic version of the Libertines’ "What Katy Did” gets you stirred. And an interview with the band is also featured as an exclusive, but hearing the ramblings of Doherty and his cronies chatter incessantly about their tour and slag off people like "fat” Boy George is hardly essential listening. (DMC)