Baby Walrus Baby Walrus

With members having played previously in Son, Ambulance and Le Beat, Baby Walrus are one of the darlings of the Omaha music scene. Yet their self-titled debut album doesn’t quite capture the magic that they allegedly possess. Its messy, noisy construction makes it very clear that the band are fans of Tom Waits and Captain Beefheart, but they aren’t at the point in their career where they can make their musical weirdness as compelling as it needs to be. It does, however, suggest that their live show must be a sight to behold. With only a couple of the 18 songs clocking in at more than three minutes, Baby Walrus are more about ideas than songs. Nothing sticks around long enough to deliver on its initial promise, or else they begin to try too hard to be strange, and so the album becomes a lesson in frustration by the halfway point. That’s a shame because there is some interesting stuff here and there will probably come a time when Baby Walrus make a very good record. This just isn’t it. (Slumber Party)