Baby Eagle

No Blues

Baby EagleNo Blues
Steve Lambke, the sometimes front-man and often overlooked member of the Constantines, sure knows how to turn out a record quickly. His side-project (Baby Eagle) are releasing their second full-length in just under a year, an acoustic-driven record called No Blues. Thatís not to say that it isnít a quality album, however. Every one of the 12 tracks has a raw but finished feeling to it. And itís an aptly titled release ó there really isnít any blues on this one. No Blues is a quiet collection of songs, with Lambkeís quavering voice slipping comfortably through his guitar strums and harmonica hums. The title track is even included twice, the second time around with Polaris Prize-nominated singer Julie Doiron and her band taking the helm. But Lambke is obviously the dominant voice on the rest of the record. After all, this project is his baby, as his pseudonym says. (Outside)
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