Babe Rainbow Reveals Endless Path EP for Warp Records

Babe Rainbow Reveals <i>Endless Path</i> EP for Warp Records
Vancouver-based experimenter Cameron Reed has been making out-there electronic music under his Babe Rainbow moniker for the last few years. Aside from his numerous chopped and screwed mixtapes that pop up in our Click Hear section now and again, Reed released Shaved, his Warp Records debut, last February. Now, he's just signed a contract with Warp for a new EP called Endless Path. In fact, that's the contract in the photo above.

In an email to Exclaim!, Reed shared some details about Endless Path:

On this EP not one song sounds similar to the next. Each song represents eight very different directions I experimented with over the last year. The rap influences are much more prevalent and the album feels much warmer than the last one. Though still experimental in sound and approach the tracks are much closer to resembling "songs" than the last EP. Still in the process of deciding a release date and getting the artwork together.

Endless Path will tentatively be released this April as a six-song twelve-inch and eight-song digital release. The full tracklisting is below.

As always, this is just one of many projects Reed has on the horizon. He says Endless Path will likely inspire four music videos, and he's also planning another potential mixtape with Vancouver DJ Rico Uno and a hip-hop mixtape in collaboration with rap blog Southern Hospitality.

Endless Path:

1. "He's Coming"
2. "The Spill"
3. "Set Loose"
4. "Greed" (featuring Yung Clova of G-Side)
5. "Bounty"
6. "Chains"
7. "Endless Path" *
8. "Choked" *

* digital only