Babe Rainbow "Untitled"

Babe Rainbow "Untitled"
Vancouver, BC electronic musician Cameron Reed (aka Babe Rainbow) has already mastered the art of freaking us the fuck out. Just listen to his uncomfortable dubstep debut, Shaved, or his recent, gloomy, chopped and screwed online mixes. It's refreshing, then, to hear the usually maleficent beat maker's latest tune, which thus far hasn't forced us to change into a fresh pair of pants.

The untitled track weaves gentle washes of white noise together with a chilled-out Rhodes organ line. It's smooth, to say the least. Making a mash-up featuring Brian Eno, two Animal Collective songs and a David Bowie beat, among others, Reed crafted the cut to work on his sampling skills.

"I'm working on composing entirely with samples because I've never been very good at it," he wrote on his blog.

Considering the tune's blissful results, it sounds as if Babe Rainbow's a quick learner.

Listen to the tune now on Babe Rainbow's blog.