Babe Rainbow Samples

Babe Rainbow <i>Samples</i>
A couple of months ago, we pointed to a new Babe Rainbow track that mashed up Brian Eno and Animal Collective. The then-untitled tune was created by the wobbly Vancouver, BC-based laptop artist (born Cam Reed) because he felt that, despite dropping some creepy dubstep originals, he had to work on his samplin' game. It looks as if Reed is getting the hang of things, because he's just released a new digital EP, Samples.

The aforementioned track is included on the set and has now been named, fittingly, "ENOAnCo." Another standout on the four-track EP is "slide bass," which whips that wild air siren sound from ESG's "UFO" around some chilled-out guitar tones. There are some Three 6 Mafia clips on the EP as well.

You can download Samples here.