B. Fleischmann Offers Up 'I'm Not Ready for the Grave Yet'

B. Fleischmann Offers Up 'I'm Not Ready for the Grave Yet'
Austrian electro-pop adventurer B. Fleischmann last dropped the double-disc concert set M/Mikro_Kosmos in 2011, but the musician's next offering will be a studio album titled I'm Not Ready for the Grave Yet. It will arrive November 6 through Morr Music.

A press release for the 10-song set explains that this latest LP has Fleischmann further exploring his oeuvre, and features a strong focus on "beats, rhythms, percussive elements and pushing things onward." Lyrically, the album is said to handle all sorts of difficult themes, including "mortality, ticking clocks, and the elusiveness of all existence."

While in the past, Fleischmann has sought out artists like Daniel Johnston to sing on his pieces, he's decided to go it alone on the mic this time around. You can check out the European musician's breathy but confident, life-affirming assertions on the twinkly bedroom pop title track in the player down below.

I Am Not Ready for the Grave Yet:

1. Don't Follow

2. Tomorrow

3. Beat Us

4. Lemminge

5. Who Emptied The River

6. I Am Not Ready For The Grave Yet

7. This Bar

8. Some/Others/My Husband

9. At Night The Fox Comes

10. Your Bible Is Printed On Dollars