B. Fleischmann The Humbucking Coil

For those in the know, apparently the titular device allows one to turn a guitar’s white noise off, leaving just the "pure” sound that emanates from the vibrating string. Interestingly, by working with this guitar as the core of his songs, Bernhard Fleischmann creates a sublime and warm electronic wonder. Even though music can be engaging, it can also be overtly cold, making the listener analyse the music in a critical fashion, essentially eschewing enjoyment. The warmth of this album draws the listener in and even crosses genres, thus making this album as easily electronic as it is instrumental. One of the highlights of this process is "Composure,” which repeats lazy yet striking guitar chords over a shuffling beat. It’s a very soothing song and is wonderfully equivalent to some instrumental music dreamt up by Labradford and other post-rock-ies. Closer "Aldebaran Waltz” is even better, as when the soft organ sounds stop momentarily the brain is easily manipulated into thinking one can hear the echo. With an intimacy rarely found in electronic circles, The Humbucking Coil is a subtly orchestral masterpiece. (Morr)