B-Lines "Psychedelic High School"

B-Lines 'Psychedelic High School'
As previously reported, snotty Vancouver punks B-Lines are gearing up to release a twelve-inch record on Deranged/Nominal Records. Live, they're one of the city's most recklessly endearing bands, simultaneously throwing beer cans and cracking jokes. If new track "Psychedelic High School" is any indication, they've perfectly captured that energy on record.

 Fans of B-Lines know that their songs span from blazing hardcore to poppy punk, and "Psych High" definitely points to the latter. A scrappy guitar tone pierces through atop a busy rhythm section, creating the ideal backdrop for frontman Ryan Dyck's sardonic lyrics about cooking up LSD in a chemistry class.

 Download "Psychedelic High School" here or stream it on the Nominal Records Facebook page.

B-Lines' self-titled twelve-inch will be available on March 21.