Azure Ray Return with New Album

Azure Ray Return with New Album
Beloved Georgia dream pop duo Azure Ray have left a big mark on the current crop of indie bands, but the last few years have seen them focused on other projects, including their various solo efforts and their newer Now It's Overhead project. This fall, however, they'll revisit their first love with a brand new Azure Ray album.

The record is called Drawing Down the Moon, and will be the first full-length from the band since 2003's Hold on Love. The album was produced by Crooked Fingers/Archers of Loaf front-man Eric Bachmann, and features a guest spot from their Now It's Overhead band-mate Andy LeMaster.

Drawing Down the Moon will be available from Saddle Creek on September 14.

Drawing Down the Moon:

 1. "Wake Up, Sleepyhead"

2. "Don't Leave My Mind"

3. "In the Fog"

4. "Larraine"

5. "On and On Again"

6. "Make Your Heart"

7. "Silver Sorrow"

8. "Signs in the Leaves"

9. "Love and Permanence"

10. "Shouldn't Have Loved"

11. "Dancing Ghosts"

12. "Walking in Circles"