Azealia Banks "Yung Rapunxel"

Azealia Banks 'Yung Rapunxel'
Azealia Banks is taking some time away from her endless string of public beefs to release a new single, "Yung Rapunxel," which comes from her upcoming Broke with Expensive Taste.

The Lil Internet-produced track is a dark one, as Banks raps and screams her head off over a jumbled, hard-hitting beat that never quite locks into a groove. In other words, the song is a fitting accompaniment to its extremely weird cover artwork, which you can see above.

In other Banks-related feud news, the controversial rapper insulted British singer Rita Ora over the weekend, tweeting, "She's mad she's Rihanna's understudy" and posting a screen-grab of a text message along with the words "Shut up Rita Oral." Ouch.