Azari & III / Various Into The Night

Surprise has risen throughout global electronic music circles that Azari & III come from Toronto, ON and not Chicago, IL. And while the duo prefer not to be linked solely with the house music genre, Into The Night truly channels the deep house glory vibes of Toronto nightlife once brought by Milk, RNB, Promise and the renowned Industry Nightclub. Preferring the "depth and dimension of analog circuitry and '80s digital" over new school production techniques, Into The Night makes use of classic Detroit and Chicago sounds, communicating sincerity through emotional depth ("Forever we stay strong through these modern times, nothing could ever go wrong, we've got the will to survive"). This record of remixes demonstrates the variant colours and waveforms connected to house music throughout the variable directions the track is taken. Renaissance Man's extended mix is grounded in deep tones, translating from organic into a digital orientation. CFCF takes "Into The Night" the way of upbeat disco. Nicolas Jaar kicks off his remix with a piano focus, the track later taking on aspects of a Kraftwerk lullaby. This record is a free download from Scion A/V, with five remixes in addition to the original version. (Scion A/V)