Azalia Snail Brazen Arrows

Azalia Snail (her real name) has put out her underground, psychedelic, lo-fi rock albums simmered in creative non-sequitor noise for well over ten years. Brazen Arrows, released on Dark Beloved Cloud, was inspired from having moved to the suburbs of Los Angeles, away from the frenetic pace of NYC. "I wanted Brazen Arrows to be a seductive album; I was in a state of mind where I was trying to attain something in a sarcastic but sensual way. It had to do with moving to California and rediscovering myself. I was in a pretty tranquil state of mind, going from the gamut of frustration and heartache to pure elation. I’m writing exactly how I’m feeling. Each song is exactly about what I’ve been going through — that really inspires me and the surroundings.” Her latest album is definitely the mellowest to date, yet she still hasn’t lost her melodically tripped-out edge, processing her vocals and instruments through reverb and effects. "I love being super-hallucinogenic, you want to be able to totally intrigue people and get them into that melancholy stage.” Her sweet young girl voice and chintzy Casio tones, after you realise your speakers are not on the fritz, are seductive, appreciated by a listener who wants a break from formulaic pop rock and listen to something truly alternative and creatively put together. (Dark Beloved Cloud)