Axl Rose Robbed of $200,000 Worth of Jewelry

Axl Rose Robbed of $200,000 Worth of Jewelry
It's a sad reality that a lot of musicians get robbed while out on the road, and indie bands frequently have their vans broken into and their gear stolen. These musicians, however, are rarely as rich or as famous as Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose, who just became the latest rocker to be targeted by thieves.

The incident took place at a private party following a GNR gig in Paris last night (June 5), according to the Associated Press. At the shindig, the crooks stole three necklaces made out of diamonds and gold, adding up to a total of around $200,000.

It's unclear exactly how the criminals got their hands on the valuables, since Rose didn't appear to be wearing them at the time. According to AP, Rose was left "fuming" mad by the theft, which isn't exactly surprising. After all, the singer is known to have a temper, and he even allegedly flips his lid when people show up to his gigs wearing Slash T-shirts.

The police are investigating the incident. Meanwhile, Guns N' Roses are touring arenas in Europe, meaning that Axl is bound to recoup his losses soon enough.

UPDATE: According to online reports, a young model has turned herself in after pinching Axl's jewelry. Her identity has yet to be disclosed, but apparently she told French police that she drank too much and inadvertently put the jewelry in her handbag. When she realized she had the rocker's property, she reportedly turned herself in to police.