Axl Rose Dispels Rumours, Attacks Media Through Massive Twitter Freak-Out

Axl Rose Dispels Rumours, Attacks Media Through Massive Twitter Freak-Out
While opinions on the current abilities of Guns N Roses front-man Axl Rose vary widely, there's one thing we can't deny: whenever he brings his band on tour, a whirlwind of media uproar is sure to follow.

For example, the latest tour has begat a stream of controversy, finding Rose allegedly banning Slash paraphernalia from his shows and seeing tour-mate Sebastian Bach foil a knifing attempt during a New York performance.

In a recent tweet, Rose offers his own opinion, unleashing a massive response to the influx of press dedicated to recent events.

Most notably, in the 700-plus word statement - where most tweets are generally 147 characters or less - he announces that, after two years of working together, notable manager Irving Azoff has been released of his position with a suitable replacement found in legendary/notorious overseer Doc McGhee, most notable for managing rockers Kiss since 1996 and establishing the likes of Bon Jovi and Hootie and the Blowfish as household names.

Never one to let a good moment slide by himself, Rose also derides the media for their skewed take on recent happenings, saying of the supposed Slash merch ban, "Canadian tour n' Slash banned clothing nonsense: which I addressed live as soon as it happened but hey fake allegations from unreliable sources bein' negative n' all especially w/us n' these issues got more weight to n' 4 aholes. Fabricated from a 2001 bs RS piece from Rock N' Rio. Bottom line Never happened, end of story."

He also added: "So in closing...Fuck the LA Times, TMZ, Contact Music n' Spinner. I don't need 'forgiven' for alleged n' fabricated nonsense. I've no respect for mean spirited aholes gettin' paid talkin' shit at other's expense or irresponsible biased partisan politics wanna be journalism by dated hacks. Go on! Back ur boy!"

To read the entire tweet, click here.