Axis of Advance The List

They're calling this sort of thing war metal, which is pretty stupid, but it is appropriate for the sound of bands like Edmonton's Axis of Advance. Born out of the ashes of Sacrementary Abolishment, these three gentlemen play ultra-raw and primitive blackened thrash. There are no keyboards allowed thankfully, making this a black metal treat that actually sounds menacing, scary and metal. There's nothing in the way of hooks, choruses or anything that will become the soundtrack to fond memories, but damned if anyone can deny the power of such freaked-out, hyper and evil metal. No bullshit, this is not for the weak and not really for most rational human beings, but it will sound great to those looking for a slice of evil black metal the way it should be done. No face paint, swords or gnomes to be found, either. Awesome! And the LP version features, of all things, a Deathstrike cover. (Osmose)