The Awkward Stage's Shane Abram Nelken Preps New Solo Album

The Awkward Stage's Shane Abram Nelken Preps New Solo Album
Shane Abram Nelken has released albums as the frontman of Mint Records-signed power-pop act the Awkward Stage and has extensively collaborated with A.C. Newman, and now the Vancouver songwriter is ready to release a solo album. Entitled Your War Is at Home, the LP will be available any day now.

Nelken successfully fundraised for the album via an Indiegogo campaign, which kicked off almost exactly a year ago. He recorded with producer Howard Redekopp (A.C. Newman, Mother Mother, Tegan and Sara), and this week announced that digital copies of the album had been sent to Indiegogo supporters. The vinyl will follow.

It's not clear exactly how or when the album will be released to the public, but Nelken tweeted that he hoped the album would be available to download within the next few days. He additionally asked for suggestions regarding how to best sell the album online.

The gun-filled artwork is above and the tracklist is below. The songs appear to be rather sinister, since titles include " I'll Tear Your Heart Out," "Spent the Morning Making Her Cry," "Lay Beneath the Plough" and "This Hate in My Heart."

Watch a comedic clip about the album for the Indiegogo campaign below. It shows a snippet of Nelken playing a new song on ukulele; judging by the lyrics, this is the album cut "Busy Losing Somebody New."

Your War Is at Home:

1. I Have Learned Nothing
2. Busy Losing Somebody New
3. Mesmerizing Fire
4. This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
5. I'll Tear Your Heart Out
6. Your War Is at Home
7. Tell Me How to Talk to You
8. Unbroken Horse
9. Spent the Morning Making Her Cry
10. Lay Beneath the Plough
11. Ungrateful Darling
12. This Hate in My Heart