Away Team Scars & Stripes

Away TeamScars & Stripes
With third album Scars & Stripes, the Away Team deliver their strongest effort yet. The Justus League-affiliated duo of MC Sean Boog and producer Khrysis have obvious chemistry, the former's raspy voice finding the pockets in the bass-heavy beats. Boog is no super-MC, but he's serviceable, truly excelling when he gets autobiographical. Khrysis's Barry White orchestration of "The Road of Redemption" compels Boog to vent eloquently about his motivation and walkout father. The bouncy "Set It Off" hosts an unusually on-fire Talib Kweli, while "See U Later" links Boog with former Little Brother Phonte to reflect on fame and fortune in the rap game. "Happenin' Today" tackles topical issues like recession and low-income housing with unpretentious insight. Looking past the unnecessary guest spots by indie rappers, Scars & Stripes is a consistent, well-crafted record that proves the Away Team are a group to watch. (It's A Wonderful World)