Avoid the Oscars with Drive Angry, Hall Pass and Four Lions in This Week's Film Roundup

Avoid the Oscars with <i>Drive Angry</i>, <i>Hall Pass</i> and <i>Four Lions</i> in This Week's Film Roundup
It's Oscar weekend, which means that a bunch of mediocre films will be rewarded for reiterating the status quo. So, instead of getting wrapped up in self-congratulating nonsense and absurdities like what people are wearing, it might be worth checking out an actual movie. As always, we have reviews of all the latest releases in the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed section, should you want some guidance.

Taking a road decidedly not Oscar, Nicolas Cage is back on the big screen in 3D with Drive Angry (pictured), which has him chasing down and killing Satanists that have kidnapped his comely daughter. But if you're looking for intentional humour rather than that of the unintentional variety, the latest Farrelly brothers comedy, Hall Pass might be worth checking out. Here, two guys get a "hall pass" from their wives for a week of sewing wild oats and juvenile shenanigans.

If you prefer your comedy a little more erudite, Chris Morris's Four Lions hits the big screens, going the route of unabashed black humour while documenting bumbling attempts at terrorism by a group of ersatz Jihadists.

For political fare somewhat more straightforward, albeit more artistically rendered, the Xavier Beauvois-helmed Of Gods and Men comes to theatres, telling the story of Trappist Cistercian monks challenged by extremist Muslims in 1996 Algiers. We also have a review of the slow Mexican drama Alamar, which tells the story of a young boy spending a summer with his father before permanently moving to Rome with his mother.

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