Avoid Learning from History with Thor, The Beaver and Jumping the Broom in Our Weekly Film Roundup

Avoid Learning from History with <i>Thor</i>, <i>The Beaver</i> and <i>Jumping the Broom</i> in Our Weekly Film Roundup
This past week, the Conservatives won the election and Fast Five topped the box office with $86.2 million. These things aren't coincidental. So, before injecting yourself with some instant gratification and flashy distractions, check out our take on the latest titles in the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed section to make sure you don't accidentally wind up watching something that will make you think.

Receiving the Exclaim! Mark of Excellence from our reviewer, Kenneth Branagh's take on Marvel's version of the God of Thunder, Thor (pictured), hits theatres, starting off the summer blockbuster season on a high note by delivering an "awe-inspiring cinematic achievement."

For something a little more humble, Jodie Foster's perpetually delayed ode to the social performance of normalcy, The Beaver, also hits theatres, featuring Mel Gibson with his hand up a stuffed beaver hand puppet.

On the romantic comedy front, Jumping the Broom delivers the standard issue urban formula with a little bit of self-reflexivity and slightly more intrigue than usual. It's probably on par with Morgan Spurlock's superficial documentary on product placement, POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.

Going the route of politics is The Bang Bang Club, which tells the true story of four photographers in Soweto, South Africa, four years before the fall of apartheid. But if Bolivian issues are more your thing, Even the Rain might fill that void, playing out as a film within a film about the water crisis of 2000.

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