Avey Tare And Panda Bear Spirit They're Gone Spirit They've Vanished

Genetic manipulation must be at the root of this project. There are clues in the legged dolphin that is the Animal Records logo, and the line, "She ran out of [on?] nature," in the track "April and the Phantom." How else to explain this bent and hopelessly entertaining record? Avey and the Panda set their controls for the heart of Syd Barrett psychedelia, but instead of going the hackneyed route of incense burning and whinging away on vintage instruments in a '60s recording studio, they try a new approach. Mingling among the pianissimo swirls and analog synth squiggles are squalls of digital screech, à la Japanoise, and long waves of high frequency sitting in for sitar drone and guitar noodle. The kicker is that they are good songs! It would have been easy to leave ample atmosphere devoid of solid signposts, but these adorable mutants said nay, or neigh, or whatever the inscrutable Pandas say. I can't help thinking our pal Jon Bartlett, of Rhume and Greenfield Main, might have something like this up his flannel sleeve somewhere. It is alive with all the fidelities from hi to lo (omni-fi). So nature lovers, acid casualties and electro-snobs unite, this one is for all of us. (Animal)